Another Fun Family Night

Late in the afternoon, Nathan returned home from his consultation about his shoulder, and Elias announced that he wanted to go to the adventure park. We decided to start our family night a little early and got in the car. I’m not sure why he named the park on the corner of 158th and Walker Rd the adventure park, but both boys have a lot of fun every time we go there.

Today they had a lot of fun in the “chair swing” as we call it.

P1210631The proudest achievement of the afternoon, though, was Elias learning how to do the monkey bars. I’ve tried teach him many times, but with Simon running around, climbing, and teetering on the edge of the play structure, I am just too nervous and don’t have the time to devote to it. With Nathan there today, he was able to spend a little time with Elias, and in no time he was working those monkey bars like a pro. He was very proud, and when I whipped out the camera, he happily crossed them over and over so I could take pictures. I will spare you the vast multitude, and just post two of them.

P1210641 P1210647I’m not sure who was more proud…Elias for finally being able to do it, or Nathan for being the one to teach him.

Simon had to show his daring as well, and showed off his climbing skills on the big structure.

P1210637Unfortunately, after about an hour the rain started coming down pretty hard, and even with the structures being undercover, we decided to head home. Besides, it was time for dinner!

After dinner, our family night continued with the boys’ first viewing of The Sound of Music. I have to say, it was one of the most magical moments I’ve experienced in a long time, all lined up on the couch with the boys. The show came on….Julie Andrews belted out “The Hills Are Alive…” amongst the stunning backdrop of green…and the boys were riveted.

Elias actually said, “Beautiful!” Just that one word. And he really meant it. That’s my boy!

We only made it 53 minutes in before bedtime, but the boys enjoyed many laughs, and Elias was particularly delighted to hear “These are a Few of My Favorite Things,” which his Ama taught him years ago.

Another great family night in the books!

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