Deep and Wide

I’ve been singing Bible songs to the boys since before they were born, and there have been a few that are their favorites. However, their most recent favorite is not my doing, but comes from Sunday School. We have a different version of this song on our Bible Songs CD, but you can tell the boys love Sunday School because they chose the Sunday School version.

The boys sing this song all the time at home, and Simon even sings it on his own which is a rare treat. Simon has never been quite as in to singing as Elias has always been. I asked the boys to sing “Deep and Wide” for the camera, and they obliged. (Also a rare treat).

Note for viewers if you choose to watch…they boys are in no way coordinated in their singing of the lyrics so it may help just to listen to one of them at a time. Although, you could just watch it and bask in the cuteness too if you like.

Just in case, here are the lyrics:

Deep and wide, deep and wide, there’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.


So there you have it…the Smith boys’ rendition of “Deep and Wide.” Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries before they could finish the song, but I assure you it was very cute the whole way through.

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