In Which The Boys Hold Their Cousin

Now that baby James is over a month old, I’ve been talking up things like “singing to James” or “sitting next to James” or “hugging James” with both of the boys. They have both talked about their cousin a lot. Simon walks around holding the baby doll and calls it James. But neither of the boys has shown much interest in actually interacting with him much.

Tonight was our turn to bring dinner, and Aunty Kristy wanted to try to get some cousin shots, so I really turned on the “sit with baby James” burner. And it worked! Elias was very excited to sit with me and James, and then eventually wanted to hold James himself. Eventually, Simon followed suit since he wants to do everything Elias does. This provided us with many cute photo ops, and many very sweet moments between the boys. Both Elias and Simon did really well holding James. They were gentle and loving. Elias wanted to hold James over and over. I almost felt like I had to fight for my baby time.

Elias’ first time holding James.

P1210777He was so proud.

P1210779He got in some kisses too:

P1210782Simon was curious.


P1210790Matching binkis!

P1210791After dinner, Elias wanted another turn.

P1210794It was very heartwarming and fun to see the boys interact with their baby cousin. We never really got to do this when Simon was born so I’m glad the boys are getting to get close to their cousin when he is so young!

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  1. Linda says:

    All of my grandsons together! It couldn’t be a better picture!

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