Our Annual Tulip Trek

Today we headed down to Woodburn for our 4th annual visit to the tulip fields. Every year I go it is as beautiful as ever, and I am always in awe. I don’t think I could ever go too many times! The boys had a lot of fun looking at the tulips as well. The weather held up pretty well for us, and the sun even showed its face at times. Since it rained the night before, though, we had to slog through a lot of mud, and the boys were pretty much completely brown by the end.

When we first reached the tulip fields, Elias raced to this row of bright reds, and immediately began smelling them.

P1210677So it was no surprise to see what Simon just had to do:

P1210682Actually, it was kind of funny because Simon was blowing on the flowers like candles instead of sniffing them. Close enough, right?

After walking a few rows we came across this awesome tractor, and each of the boys took a turn driving it. Simon kept saying, “I need a push!” Sorry bud…that thing is not moving!

P1210686 P1210692Next we had a lot of fun in some rows of yellow. The boys each sniffed (or blew on) a lot of flowers.


We also tried to get some posed shots, but getting those is tougher than trying to dress an octopus. Here was the best I could do:

P1210704 P1210705It’s fun to see how the sheer amount of flowers along with the beauty of it all even entrances the little ones. They loved exploring the rows.

P1210714A brief sun spot!

P1210718This was my favorite this year. Maybe I’ll have to order some bulbs for our garden!

P1210721This proves Nathan and I were there too!

P1210745After walking through all those rows and colors (and mud) we let the boys play around for a bit.

P1210761The wind was pretty chilly, though, so the boys started complaining of the cold. Before we left, we decided to take them on the cow train for fun.

P1210768 P1210772After the ride, Elias stood up and said to me, “That was the best thing I’ve ever done!”

Well…I’m sure glad we spent the $6 for it then!

It was a great time at the tulip fields!

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  1. janet says:

    I’m so glad you let the boys enjoy the mud…. they wash up easily enough..Soap and hot water are great and holy gifts. Elias looks like a kindergartener in these pictures…. so grown up!


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