Our Grand Adventure – Part VI – Wedding Prep

After arriving in Westfield Center, Ohio, the next two days were the most relaxing of our trip. I hate to say so because my brother and his fiance were so stressed getting everything ready for the wedding while we were relaxing and having fun family times.

We started out Thursday morning by playing out on the big grassy field with some small bat and ball toys we purchased for the boys at the Pirates game.

P1220636We also spent some time climbing trees…something the boys have been really interested in lately.

P1220645We hung out with family.

P1220651We even got to enjoy some large chocolate coins we had purchased in West Virginia.

P1220660On Friday we visited a nearby strip mall that had a train ride. We weren’t quite sure what to expect but it turned out to be really great! It was a twenty minute ride.

P1220670P1220663After the train ride it was lunch time, nap time, and then time to get ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Here are my handsome boys.

P1220672Here is my brother unloading the doors he built for his future wife to walk through.

P1220676Elias was pretty nervous to walk down the aisle as the ring bearer, but he warmed up with some of the junior bridesmaids took him under their wing.

P1220682And my handsome husband at the rehearsal. We got to be partnered and walk together.

P1220685The location was beautiful and I couldn’t wait to see it all decorated on the wedding day. We headed to the rehearsal dinner. Here is Elias and Uncle Scott practicing a magic trick that Elias learned from Auntie Kristy’s dad.

P1220700Nathan was quite happy to receive this shaving kit from Greg as a groomsmen gift.

P1220704We had a lot of fun and were ready for the big day!

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