Our Grand Adventure – Part VII – The Wedding

Well we finally made it to the best day yet…the real reason we even came on this whole adventure…THE WEDDING DAY!!!!

I had to be over to the brides room early with all of the ladies so that we could begin getting ready. The boys got to sleep in and have a nice leisurely breakfast and some play time. I guess that is just one of the luxuries of being a man.

After I got my hair and make up done, there were still hours to go and a bunch of the girls still to get ready. Since I was finished other than getting dressed, I decided to go hang out with my family. The last of us was getting married!

P1220726I checked back in on the bride, who had plenty of company and was still getting her hair done and figured I wasn’t needed so I went to check on the rest of the boys…my husband and children. They were doing just fine. The boys got to hang out in the tavern room all morning. There were snacks and drinks, a jukebox, shuffleboard, high-backed leather chairs, and much more fun. They were doing just fine. Greg was so relaxed he was even doing the Tunak Tunak Tun dance.


Simon, however, was not having any of the make up. When I first walked in with  my hair and face all done up, Elias gave me a long look and then told me I looked beautiful. Simon, though, refused to let me hold him, and when I tried to kiss him as he was in my mom’s arms, he pushed me away. It was pretty heartbreaking. But I stole him away anyway and leaned him against my shoulder, and when he couldn’t see my face he was just fine. Eventually I left him back in the care of the men and went on my way.

I wandered around and took pictures of all of the beautiful decorations. I was most impressed by the arbor. This picture has bad lighting, but it helps you imagine how beautiful it was.

P1220741Finally, it was time for the boys to get ready. It was Elias’ first experience in a tux. He was so cute.

P1220742My mom and I stopped to pose for a picture together.

P1220751Simon, who had just woken up from a nap was not really into pictures, but we tried to get a few family shots anyway.

P1220759Then was time for the actual ceremony. It was beautiful and I admit I was holding back the tears pretty forcefully. I don’t have any pictures because I was a part of the ceremony, but I’m sure when they come from the photographer they’ll be great. After the ceremony we had pictures taken, and then the long wait began.

At first the boys were pretty good about waiting for the reception to begin. Although they couldn’t enjoy cocktails, they found ways to entertain themselves. Such as posing in front of the golf course.

P1220775Or finding a seat on a windowsill.

P1220779Nathan and I posed for a selfie…..

P1220783and while we did so the boys found a way to get dirty. It only takes a few seconds…but it was enough.

P1220782So we waited inside and enjoyed the company of Auntie Kristy’s daddy again.

P1220785Then, we were all told to head outside and down the street for another surprise. We did so and waited some more. Here is Auntie Kristy and baby James.

P1220790And the boys finding more ways to get dirty while waiting.

P1220792Pretty soon we heard a low hum in the distance.

P1220799Guess who it was!

P1220802Uncle Greg and Auntie Shaina making their grand entrance!

P1220803 P1220811 P1220812It was pretty cool to watch.

Look what Simon found while we all had our backs turned! Typical. At least one of the junior bridesmaids seems to have it under control.

P1220816We headed back to the reception hall and helped Shaina get ready for her entrance to the reception. She looked stunning on her wedding day!

P1220819While we were waiting for the wedding party to be announced into the reception, Elias got pretty nervous around the girls again. I was inwardly laughing and outwardly taking pictures. I’m such a mean mom.

P1220823Here he is being forced to hold hands. I overheard the flower girl tell him quite forcefully, “You have to hold my hand!” It was all a show he put on, though. I heard from people who watched him walk in that he was smiling and waving, and once he reached the dance floor he ran and slid on his knees to his spot amidst cheering and applauding from the crowd. Who would have thought?

P1220828After the wedding party was announced, the cake cutting happened first, then dinner.

P1220830During dinner there were toasts. My brother, Scott, gave a very heartfelt toast. I was very impressed and proud.

P1220836After dinner the boys took over the dance floor.

P1220853They had to give it up for the first dance, the father-daughter dance, and the mother-son dance. But then when dancing started in earnest the boys were very into it, and Elias got us all involved.

P1220867He took a turn with Uncle Greg.

P1220876And Uncle Scott.

P1220878No one took a picture, but I was out there dancing with him a bunch. He also got Ama and Simon involved.

P1220879And Baba too.

P1220882They even slow danced together.

P1220892Then after quite a while of exerting themselves, they sat down to rest. Look at those rosy cheeks and that glazed look in his eyes. This boy was tired!

P1220883There was still about an hour left in the reception, but the boys were pretty much expired. It was a beautiful day and went pretty much a smoothly as anyone could have hoped. We got to be with family and have fun too. We said our goodbyes and headed back to the inn for bedtime.

Congratulations Greg and Shaina! We love you!

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