Is It Summer Yet?

Who cares if it isn’t officially June 21st yet….I’m declaring it officially summer. Preschool has been out for a couple of weeks. Spring rec classes have ended. Our house is as dark as a cave because we have all of the windows and blinds closed to keep out heat.

But how do I really know it is summer? (Besides the fact that we pretty much just want to lay on the hardwood floor in front of the fan?)

1. Splashes!

Look at the fun these boys are having. You really just can’t get this kind of picture unless they are having some summer fun.

P12209562. Slides

The boys were trying to slide off the deck with the slide so instead I had them slide into the pool. They had an absolute blast. The pictures only capture about a tenth of the fun they were having. And….you know it was really warm out because the water was splashed out of there so fast I eventually had to just keep the hose running into the pool so there was enough water for it to be safe. That water was freezing, but they didn’t care with all of the fun they were having.

P1220960 P12209623. Trees

Little boys climbing trees. I knew it would happen some day, but I was surprised it happened so soon. Elias has been expressing interest in this tree, and has stood on it’s lowest branch a few times. Yesterday, Nathan and I were in the side yard working and the boys were playing in the back. All of a sudden we heard, “Look how high I am!” If that doesn’t cause worry, I don’t know what would! We rushed around to see him actually in the tree. He wasn’t actually high enough to cause me any worry, but please don’t tell him that!

P12209854. Sunbathing

Look at this perfect spot Elias found on my parents’ wading pool this afternoon after swimming and before lunch. Could this spot not be more perfect? I wished it was me!

P1230026So there you have it. It’s summer!


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