Big Boy Bed!

We’ve got a lot to do in order to get ready for baby #3 to arrive. We’ve got a couple of months, but when you look at our calendar, there are very few times we’ll have available to actually work on getting our home ready. We’ve got to get the nursery ready, which means we’ll need the crib from Simon. That in turn means that Simon will need the toddler bed. So…first things first! Today we tackled Elias’ room. He had a broken book shelf, and his room was basically a disaster. I hadn’t had the energy to make him clean it every night like I normally do while I was working in July. Then we had houseguests. Then we were out of town. His room was basically a disaster. That’s ok, though! We gave it a makeover! Here are the before pics…I’m embarrassed to even post them but here goes:

To the left when you walk in the door. Our trusty boat bed and some toys.

20150829_114354To the right from the doorway. Train table and a lot of mess hidden behind it.

20150829_114407I won’t show the dresser and bookshelf because it’s just too messy.

Anyway, we told Elias that he was growing to tall for his boat bed (which he was) so there would be no hard feelings about Simon “stealing” it from him a little ways down the road. We went to IKEA, bought a new bookshelf, and got home to start working on the room.

Elias enjoyed helping Daddy build his new shelf.

20150829_122851The boys just finished building it by lunch. We took a break for lunch and play, and then while Simon napped, I spent quiet time with Elias loading his new shelf. I have to say I really love how it looks. We didn’t have time to finish before bed time. Eventually (hopefully tomorrow) all five bottom row shelves will have doors. We even purchased the laundry hamper at IKEA to store stuffed animals neatly instead of strewn everywhere.

20150829_193057After dinner, we got to work on the bed. We already had a twin bed which we had previously used in the guest room. It was my grandma’s bed, my mother’s bed, my bed, and now Elias is sleeping in it. Four generations! I was excited, but Nathan was actually getting a big emotional that Elias is now in a real big boy bed. We got it all set up with his nightstand and were very happy with the results.

20150829_191050Elias came in and instantly got a big smile on his face. He was very excited. Of course Simon wanted to sleep there too.

20150829_191817We did not completely finish with Elias’ room before bed time arrived. We’ll have a little work to do tomorrow. However, I think we did great today! One room 3/4 down….the rest of the house to go. Operation baby#3 has begun.

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  1. Linda says:

    I get misty eyed thinking about our bed being used by 4 generations. I’m so glad that Elias gets to sleep in it too!

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