Pool Day!

Nathan’s Auntie Holly (Nana’s sister) is in town for a couple of days, so when you combine that with the Ramlals, Nana, and having baby James with us…that is a lot of family! We are lucky lucky lucky! Nathan decided to take a vacation day to spend time with all of us, and especially Auntie Holly who he hadn’t seen since he was in high school.

Since today was such a warm day, we decided to swim in Nana’s pool. Everyone had a blast. The water was perfect and the adult to child ratio was also very good so it was low stress. We did learn how much luggage we will have to carry around with three in tow…it’s a lot!

Elias immediately warmed up to Auntie Holly who is good at engaging with the kids and extremely kind. He wanted to swim back and forth underneath a floaty between Auntie Holly and Nana. I think he was pretending to be a dolphin, but I was busy getting Simon and James ready for swimming so I am not totally sure.

P1230572Since this was James’ first pool experience we thought we’d put him in a baby shade thing. But he really didn’t like it. He seems to be very sensitive to temperatures and he didn’t like be submerged up to his chest all at once. So I held him, and though he was tentative at first…

IMG_1763he eventually ended up having a lot of fun in the water.

IMG_1772Simon loved swimming around in this alligator floating toy. A few times he flipped right off and went under the water. Luckily he had his puddle jumper, and after the initial shock, got right back on for more.

IMG_1760He had a lot of fun with Daddy at the pool since Mommy was occupied mostly with James and with being the photographer of the day.

IMG_1773Elias was under the water as much as he could be. He really is getting to be a little fish.

IMG_1764Audrey and Elias dove for torpedoes and fish.

IMG_1787 IMG_1786Sonya was in there having fun with everyone else.

IMG_1788It was a great morning in the water!

IMG_1782Unfortunately, tomorrow morning we’ll have to say goodbye to the Ramlals for now. They’ll be returning to Spokane. I know my boys will really miss having their cousins around to play with. It’s so good to spend time with family!

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