Let’s Go Hops!

We are supporting the Hops again this summer both in spirit and in attendance at games. We’ve attended four games so far this summer, and we’ve had a blast.

One of our games was last Saturday evening. The weather was a nice 75 degrees or so, and the boys were ready for some baseball!

We spent the first four innings or so watching the game, eating kettle corn, and trying not to disturb the people sitting around us.

P1230439 P1230440Then look who found us!

P1230441They happened to be at the same game with Kristy, Scott, James, and Kristy’s parents. Their party was sitting waaaaaay across the field in the grass.

After a couple more innings (and a couple more snacks) we decided to go over a visit them so that we could say hi to Kristy and Scott and so that the boys could have a chance to run around.

And run around they did!

P1230442It was a fun night for all!

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