Birthday Celebrations

We are lucky enough to be able to celebrate cousin Audrey’s birthday with her almost every year since they come to visit us every August. This year, we had a gift for Sonya as well instead of mailing it to her back in July.

The boys really enjoyed Auntie Erin’s cupcakes. Simon even thought the cupcake was more interesting than watching Audrey open presents so you know it was tasty!:

P1230415 P1230419For Sonya, I had made a cape just like the ones I’ve made for the boys. Back at the Ramlal spring break visit, I noticed Sonya was pretty interested in the capes and decided to make her one of her own. Luckily, it was a big hit! The boys and Sonya immediately donned their capes and went in the backyard to play. Nathan even overheard Elias say, “a superhero cape makes you run faster.” Here you can see his cape disappearing out of the frame of the picture while Sonya and Simon jump off the deck.

P1230430 P1230431Shortly after they started playing, Audrey asked me, “Why am I the only one without a cape?” So…I made her one as well later that afternoon while Simon was napping. I realized as I was preparing for this post that I don’t have a picture of Audrey’s cape so I’ll have to get one before they return home!

A fun birthday party for all!

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