Our Morning With Baby James

We got to watch Baby James this morning so that Uncle Scott could go fishing and Auntie Kristy could go to work. Everyone who knew kept saying I was “brave” but pretty soon I’ll have three all the time so I was actually kind of looking forward to the preview. (Not to mention the time with my sweet nephew!)

I got to remember all the things I had forgotten about having a baby and a toddler (and a couple preschoolers) at the same time. Little tricks that had left my brain. What do I do with the baby while I wipe someone else’s bottom? How do I make lunch? I could wait for Auntie Erin to finish making lunch for her girls. Or….I could just put him in the exersaucer. It eventually came back to me.

This post is a little bit for Auntie Kristy. She was worried about him this morning because Arwen had scratched him up a bit below his eye just before she dropped him off. Nothing serious…but still nothing you want to happen to your baby! So now Auntie Kristy can see how much fun he had. But this is for us too. Remember the fun times with cousins!

When James arrived the boys immediately got down to entertaining him.

P1230504James went along with it.

P1230502The torture continued for awhile….I mean they let James try on a bunch of their hats.

P1230508Then Elias decided he wanted to take James on a tour of the house. He wanted to show all of the rooms and toys. We made a stop in Simon’s room for a quick story.

P1230509Audrey and Sonya got in on the fun. James had four kiddos fawning over him for awhile. My boys are lucky that have all three of their cousins in one house!

P1230513P1230525After a mid morning bottle and a quick 20 minute nap in the crib, James was bright eyed and ready for more fun. Elias played some tummy time with him and we got some cute pictures.

P1230532 P1230535 P1230542About this time, the big kids wanted to go out in the back and do some water play. We set it all up and James and I watched from the shade.

P1230550I had a lot of fun Auntie time this morning. James doesn’t seem too impressed with me, though. What’s his deal?

P1230547I’ll just say he was getting a bit hungry again by the time I took this picture. We went inside for lunch, and he fell asleep again just in time for his Mommy to pick him up. Eh….three wasn’t so hard.

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  1. Linda says:

    Great job on your first time with three! It looks like lots of fun was had by all!

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