Zoo Camp

As we approached summer, I wanted Elias to have some summer camp experiences both for the fun aspect, but also so that school didn’t come as such a shock in the fall.

In June, Elias went to a week long camp at the Tualatin Hills Nature Center. He loved it. In July, he went to a week long VBS at our church. In August, we had him do a week of zoo camp. Elias was very excited for zoo camp, and he had a blast while he was there.

Highlights included petting goats, a rabbit, a toad, a turkey, a rat, and what he called a “large insect kind of like a ladybug.” He came home singing a bunch of new songs which he promptly taught me and made me sing along with. It was a great success!

Here he is proud and ready for zoo camp:

P1230397Simon was super jealous. Every day he said that he wanted to go to zoo camp and kept asking me to put on his penguin shirt. Unfortunately, he’s got at least two years to wait since you have to be four to do zoo camp. I did stay at the zoo all day with him on Wednesday and pretended we were at zoo camp. He had a great time, but when Thursday came, he still wanted to stay. It’s hard not being the oldest!

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