Change Is A Comin’

I’m sitting here a week out from my due date and feeling both very excited, a little nervous, and mostly just tired of waiting. I remember from my previous two children that the last month of pregnancy feels like a year. But it doesn’t make the waiting any easier.

Things have gotten very uncomfortable for me. Simon and Elias have gotten fed up as well since my belly is so swollen. They have a hard time hugging me and I pretty much have no lap for them to enjoy.

Change is a comin’ for us. I know it is a good change, but I feel like I look at Simon with pity every time I see him. I predict he will be quite jealous. He is a willful fireball of a child, but he is so sensitive. I love him so much and I dread having to see him upset. Of course, he almost always follows Elias’ lead, and I think Elias is going to be our strong one this time around.

I’m not really saying anything new in this post. Mostly I’m just procrastinating. I’ve got a lot to do to be ready for this baby. We haven’t packed for the hospital or set up the bassinet. And there is a lot of other stuff that would be really nice to get done…like going to the post office or paying bills so I don’t have to worry about those after baby comes.

Or…maybe I could go drink a glass of water and read a good book and try to take my mind off my aching body. We’ll probably be fine either way.

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