Happy Halloween 2015!

On Halloween we had almost the entire day free. We were so happy to finally have some down time as a family. We played a lot of games together and got in some rest and relaxation before it was time to head out for trick-or-treating.

Unfortunately, it was raining during prime trick-or-treating time for young children. But hey…it’s Oregon. What do we expect? We got the boys as bundled as possible and were ready to head out just after sundown.

20151031_175736The boys were both a bit nervous at first…especially at houses where they could hear dogs barking inside. They got the hang of it pretty fast, though, and were very excited.

20151031_181451Unfortunately, they were quickly soaked despite the umbrellas and rain coats. Elias kept saying, “My shoes are juicy!” Simon’s bucket actually had a big puddle in the bottom, causing us to need to toss a lot of the candy that had been sitting in said puddle.

Ama and Baba also met us in the neighborhood so that they could see the boys in action. That rejuvenated them a bit even though they were freezing.

In total we lasted about an hour trick-or-treating. They boys each claimed their buckets were full and it was time to go home. We were fine with that. We got them home, changed and dry, and then let them examine their stashes.

20151031_191058 20151031_191314Simon was mostly concerned with eating some candy, and didn’t want to stop to pose for a picture.

As is Smith family tradition, we also celebrated “All Hallows Read,” a holiday we picked up from author Neil Gaiman, who advocates giving books to kids at any possible opportunity. Each year we get the boys a fall/Halloween book on Halloween. They were excited at any excuse to open gifts.

20151031_19341620151031_193506Daddy read to them a bit, then we went upstairs to get ready for bed and finish reading the new books.

20151031_193840All in all it was a fun day!

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  1. janet says:

    What fun that Elias got “Arthur’s Halloween”! One of the teachers I work for read it on Halloween. The adults giggled at the joke at the end though the boys didn’t get it….

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