The Gospel Through Little Eyes

Today the boys participated in their annual Christmas Pageant rehearsal. Every year on Christmas Eve at 4pm, the children of our church, St. Bartholomew’s of Beaverton, tell the story of Jesus’ birth in a Christmas Pageant. It is really fun seeing the gospel through their eyes.

Elias was baby Jesus when he was 3 months old, and was an angel for three years. This year he was given the choice to be an angel with the rest of his sunday school class or to move on to being an animal. He chose to be an animal and is a cow this year. He was so excited.

Simon was an angel last year and will be an angel again this year. In the car he told me he wasn’t going to sing. He said he would “Just listen”. He didn’t sing. But he was up there doing the motions to the songs.

Caleb will play the part of baby Jesus this year.

Here are my boys trying on their costumes:

20151223_161351Tomorrow we will do the real thing. The great thing about the Christmas pageant is that even with only one “rehearsal” it always comes together nicely. The focus isn’t a “play” or “performance.” The focus is the story being told. Telling the story of the miracle and gift of Jesus’ birth is an excellent way to start our Christmas celebrations every year.

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