Our 4 Weeks Old Tradition

When Elias was 4 weeks old I took my weekly picture of him sitting on the couch. When Simon was 4 weeks old I decided it would be fun to try to recreate the picture with the same outfit on the same corner of the couch since the boys looked so much alike. Thus it became a tradition.

Today Caleb is 4 weeks old so I dressed him in the outfit and set him on the corner of the couch. He wasn’t as cooperative as the other two boys. In fact he was quite unhappy for most of the photo shoot, but I managed to get a couple good ones by bouncing him happy and snapping the photo right after I set him down. I think the older two boys thought I was losing my marbles there for awhile.

So here you go…the three boys at 4 weeks:

boysI still say they look pretty similar!

Just in case you need a cheat sheet…they are in order from left to right. Elias on the left. Simon in the middle. Caleb on the right.

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