Caleb – 4 Months

Caleb is 4 months old today. I can’t believe my baby is a third of a year old already. Every day we grow more in love with him and he is integrated further into the fabric of our family.

Here he is at four months old. Look at that little dimple!


What are some highlights of Caleb’s fourth month?

Laugh – Caleb is starting to laugh a lot more and a lot harder. He’s got a pretty good little giggle. He laughs often when Elias laughs. He’s already got the big brother admiration going on. He laughs also when tickled on the feet or tummy.

Sleep – Caleb is a very inconsistent sleeper. Some nights he’ll sleep through for ten or eleven hours. (I wish a certain three year old would do that too!) Some nights, though, he is up after only a couple hours and wakes often during the night. I just try to be thankful for the nights of sleep, and on the difficult nights I try to remember that I want him to stay a baby and to be thankful for the time we have with him so little.

Naps – Caleb is also an inconsistent napper. By this time with the other two we had pretty strict nap schedules. That’s not really possible in our life right now with school and other activities for the older boys. It makes me wonder if I’m a different kind of mother or if Caleb is a different kind of kid. Probably a bit of both. Caleb does nap, though, two or three times each day for anywhere between 20 minutes and two hours each.

Hand/eye Coordination and Strength – Caleb is getting better and better at reaching for things and picking them up or moving them. Here you can see he has picked up a ball. He also tries to sit forward a lot. When sitting in a chair as in the picture below he tries to sit forward so his back doesn’t touch and ends up folding in half with his face touching his toes.

20160325_093721Rolling Over – Caleb still doesn’t enjoy tummy time so he has not made much progress when it comes to rolling front to back. However, he has started rolling onto his side from his back so we may get a back to front roll first.


This month we’ve mostly just been at home because I have been sick for most of it. Caleb still just comes along to all of his big brothers’ commitments. He got to try swinging on the swing set in our backyard for the first time. Look at how light his eyes look in this good outdoor light. (Sorry Nathan).

20160319_181732We can’t wait to see what else is in store for us next month.


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