Spring Break – We Can’t Catch A Break!

Our spring break started out great. We had a couple of fun play dates scheduled, we had lots of time at home to play and relax, and I had some fun activities planned.

When Simon was a baby, I did so many fun things with Elias to ensure I had one on one time with him, and to teach him things I wanted him to know. I planned letter of the week activities. It’s been about two years since I did anything like that and I’ve missed it. I figured spring break would be a great way to try out some new, more structured time with the boys. (While still allowing for free play of course).

I decided to make Monday “make it Monday.” What did we make? Easter cookies! The boys mostly just love decorating cookies so that was the highlight, but they helped me make them as well.

20160321_17142420160321_171428On Tuesday, I decided to try a science experiment since the boys loved the vinegar and baking soda “love potions” we did during valentines. I chose a color mixing experiment which also can be used for capillary action, but I got two blank looks when I tried to describe that. Unfortunately, this experiment worked a lot slower than I was hoping. We had to end up leaving it overnight before the water actually moved into the center cup. The boys were a bit disappointed, but still had fun looking at the glasses in the morning.

Color combo #1 – Before

20160322_154843Color Combo #1 – After

20160324_182246Color Combo #2 – Before

20160322_154818Color Combo #2 – After

20160324_182237Now here comes the part where we can’t catch a break….

Our week was going pretty swimmingly until Wednesday morning when I woke up with a very sore throat. Those of you who read this blog often will know that I had scarlet fever not too long ago. I had finished my course of antibiotics on Sunday, just a few short days before this. Wednesday I generally felt awful and then I the scarlet fever rash reappeared. Oh no!

Meanwhile, I discovered a large lump on Simon’s neck. I took him to the doctor and was sent home after being told it was a normal enlarged lymph node.

We decided to check all of the boys’ throats even though no one was showing any symptoms just to be safe. It’s a good thing we did! Elias’ tonsils were enormous.

So today I spent all day going between various urgent care, doctor, and pharmacy visits. First I went to the urgent care, and am now being treated for scarlet fever yet again. Then I took Elias to get his tonsils looked at. He tested positive for strep throat (even though he insists he has no throat pain and has no other symptoms besides the enlarged tonsils). The pediatrician recommended we get Nathan and Simon tested as well just in case. So back to the doctor I went with Simon. Sure enough, he is positive for strep.

Please excuse me while I spend the rest of my spring break feeling sorry for myself. Just kidding (only sort of). We will make the best of tomorrow resting at home and trying to keep Caleb healthy. At least this little cutie seems to have escaped everything so far.


We are so thankful and lucky to have access to antibiotics and will hopefully all be feeling better soon!

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