Taking Advantage of the Sunshine!

I tried to take advantage of the little bit of sunshine we’ve had in the past couple of days. It was so nice to get outside. Yesterday, I spent an hour or so finishing up the pruning of our hydrangeas. It’s so late to be doing that, but I just haven’t had another chance. While I pruned, Simon dug around in the dirt and Caleb napped.

Actually, it’s been so long since we’ve played in the backyard I think Simon forgot how. When I first made him come outside with me he wanted to go in the front. When I wouldn’t let him he threw a twenty minute tantrum in which he cried and banged on the sliding glass door and said he wanted to go inside. I pretty much ignored him and kept to my pruning. Then, I noticed that I didn’t hear him anymore and looked up to see that he was digging around in the dirt. He played happily digging and investigating and just being a little boy outside for about 45 minutes before Caleb woke up and I had to make him come inside. I’m so glad we’ll be getting outside more often (hopefully) these days.

Then today Caleb was napping again, and I took the boys out front to play with chalk. They were so happy playing and making chalk pictures together.

20160318_112028I weeded a bit in the front and drew chalk pictures with them for awhile as well.

This evening Elias went to kick off spring break with a sleepover at Ama and Baba’s house. Nathan took Simon on a Daddy-son date to the movie theater to see Zootopia. So it was just me and baby Caleb spending a few hours together. After we were both fed I plopped him in the ergo and decided to get some more sun.

20160318_174137It was great to get some fresh air and walk around the neighborhood for an hour or so. It was Caleb’s first time wearing a sun hat. He just looked around happily for the entire walk. Winter babies experience the wonder of spring even more since they have been inside most of their lives!

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