Caleb 5 Months

Caleb is 5 months old today. How is that possible? He is supposed to be my baby and he is getting huge!


At church, Caleb was the smallest/youngest member for the first four and a half months of his life. Yesterday he got to meet his newest little church friend. Beatrix is 13 days old and only weighs about six and a half pounds. That means he triples her weight! I am just loving every second of his babyhood and I wish it would last longer.

Alas, time passes, and he is growing and learning every day. These two pictures sum up Caleb right now:

1 – He is a happy and active little guy. He is content to lay and play on his own (or just watch us) for a little while. He also loves laughing at his brothers. He brings us so much joy!

20160425_1027262 – He is so interested in learning about his world. I went on a walk with him this evening when Nathan took the older two boys to an AWANA night, and he just studied the trees and the birds and the wind. It must be so magical (or confusing) being a baby. He is really interested in toys. He tries to pick up everything, and holding him at the table while trying to eat is a full contact sport these days. He pulls my place mat and tries to touch the food, the glass, the plate. He has gotten pretty good at holding on to toys, and he actually shakes his rattles to entertain himself.

20160425_102537Caleb is sleeping pretty well these days. He often wakes up in the middle of the night, but can put himself back to sleep on occasion. A few nights ago he was awake happy and talking to himself for forty five minutes from about 1 to 1:45 in the morning. Sometimes he still likes to be nursed back to sleep too, but I’m glad he is able to soothe and entertain himself sometimes.

During his fifth month Caleb celebrated his first Easter. He is witnessing his first spring with lots of pretty flowers. He is rolling consistently from back to front, and is happy for a short period while playing on his tummy.

Caleb is still drooling like a madman, and unfortunately it is wreaking havoc on his skin. He had a horrible neck rash for most of the month, but luckily it has cleared up a bit in the last few days, and he currently has pretty bad eczema on his thumbs and on his face (where the most drool ends up).

I am so lucky to be able to witness this little man growing each day.


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