Elias’ First TBall Game!

Elias had his first tball game on Saturday. Reedville has it’s annual jamboree to kick of the season. We actually had two games! Looking at the forecast we were afraid it would be rained out, but actually it was a pretty nice day for baseball with only a few brief scattered showers.

I may have over-documented his first game just a bit. But it was his first game in an organized team sport ever, and he’s our oldest so who can really blame us? Poor Caleb being the third child will probably only have a single picture of his first game if that!

I like the tball league because it is pretty low-key just focusing on giving players equal chances of play and having fun. The kids still try to make outs, but even if they make an out (which is very rare at this age), the runner still gets to stay on base. The kids are only allowed one base per at bat, and there are seven batters per inning.

Elias’ team, the Warriors, started in the field. Elias was at second base. He even fielded the ball once!

20160423_102502Then it was time for some offense! Elias was the first batter for his team. I thought he was so cute in his batting helmet. Here he is getting ready to bat (he is number 1):

20160423_102835And up in the batters box:

20160423_103008Elias hit the first pitch and ran to first base! Nathan was the third base coach during the games. Here is a picture of Elias showing Daddy that he knew were to run when the ball was hit next. (Home!)

20160423_103313Running home:

20160423_103411After that Elias got to play pitcher and short stop. Here he is fielding another ball.

20160423_104342After the first game, he got snack…the most important part!

20160423_111544Elias had quite the cheer squad at his first game. Besides his brothers, Nathan, and I, he also had Ama, and Baba cheering him on, and Nana was able to make it to game 2!

The cheering section:

20160423_10590620160423_132437I missed a bit of the second game because I took Simon and Caleb to a birthday party between. But I did get to see Elias bat a couple more times. Here he is on deck taking a practice swing:

20160423_131552And on first base:

20160423_131911In the second game he got to play first base, short stop, and left field.

More important than anything else, he had a lot of fun! The tball season is pretty short, but we’re in for quite a few games in the next two months.

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2 Responses to Elias’ First TBall Game!

  1. Linda says:

    A good time was had by all at Elias’ first game! We can’t wait for the next game!

  2. Baba says:

    Got to love that break dancing look on first base! Real fun baseball games.

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