Seed Planting 2016

Elias has been asking to plant seeds for weeks, but I’ve had a lot of other stuff on my mind. Finally on Tuesday this past week I felt like we had a few extra minutes and we stopped at the store after school so that the boys could pick out what they want to plant. They chose sunflowers, corn, snap peas, orange carrots, yellow carrots, lettuce, and my personal favorite, “pretty white flowers for Mommy” (those were Elias’ words for baby’s breath).

The boys were super excited to dig in. I got out some potting soil and some pots to start the seeds in. We’ll select the best starts to plant in something more suitable after they grow a bit.

20160412_164822Here they are showing off some of their seed packets. I love this picture because they are so excited, but also because it is so classic: Simon looking in adoration at his brother rather than at me.

20160412_165606I let them poke the holes in the soil and put the seeds in the dirt themselves.

20160412_170032And we had to get Daddy in on the action as well.

20160412_171049Here’s to hoping that some of them actually grow! We’re starting them outside so they’ll be hardy if they make it!

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