Wings and Waves Water park

My mom loves water parks, and every since she heard that Elias and Simon loved the water slide at a rec center near us I think she has been secretly grooming them to want to go to a bigger water park. Back in February or maybe the beginning of March Elias really started talking about the water park so I planned with my mom to go to Wings and Waves in McMinnville, Oregon on April 16th both to have fun and to celebrate tax season ending.

Today was the day! Elias was tall enough to go on all but one of the big water slides. Each time we wanted to go, we had to climb all the way up the the roof of the building. The slides begin inside a 747 which is secured to the roof of the building. Each slide means a lot of stairs. Ama, Baba, Nathan, and I all took turns going with Elias who went on every single time. He logged thousands of stairs today!

I only had my phone out of the locker for a short time so these pictures are actually taken on a couple of the smaller slides. Elias had so much fun! I couldn’t believe how fast some of the bigger slides went and he was excited for them all. We stayed for six and a half hours at the water park, and neither of the boys were ready to leave!

20160416_131007 20160416_131129

Simon was not tall enough for the big slides, but loved the smaller slides, the fountains, and lounging on Baba’s lap in the wave pool.

Caleb had never been in the water except for his time in the little bathtub (with warm water). He wasn’t too thrilled about the colder temperatures, the waves and splashes, or the loud sounds. But he lasted about six of the six and a half hours with only two short naps before having a major meltdown so I think it was a success.

20160416_131303The temperature was even warm enough outside that we got to have a nice picnic lunch.

20160416_132924You know it was a fun day when your kids say they want to stay there forever. I don’t know when we’ll be back, but hopefully sooner rather than later! We were very impressed with the cleanliness and the life guards. The whole day was great.

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  1. Linda says:

    We had so much fun today at the water park and I loved seeing the excitement in the boy’s eyes when they walked in and saw everything! We couldn’t believe how much Elias enjoyed the big slides! A wonderful day for all (Ama and Baba are worn out though!)

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