Counting My Blessings

I’ve really been counting my blessings lately. It’s hard to feel down on a beautiful sunny day anyway, but the weekend was a great one. By Sunday evening we had had a lot of family time, gotten chores done around the house, been to a tball game, supported a fundraiser for the moms club diaper drive, and more. By dinner, though, I wasn’t ready to go inside just yet so we spontaneously decided to go have a picnic at the park for dinner.

I watched my boys play on the play structure and encouraged them in rolling down the grassy hill. We ate our picnic. I just couldn’t stop thinking how lucky we are that we can take the boys to the park. That we have safe places for them to play. We don’t have to worry about water. Or food. We don’t have to worry about war on the home front. They just get to be kids. I don’t know why I am one of the mommies who is privileged with these blessings. Instead of feeling guilty, though, I decided to feel thankful and to send up prayers for our sponsored kiddos around the world.

Here are my four boys enjoying the evening together as much as I did:

20160501_172605 20160501_174946 20160501_180636

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