My Simon

Simon has been a middle child for 5 months now. I love him as much as ever, but boy is he a classic middle child. Always wanting to keep up with the older brothers while still receiving the privileges of being the youngest child. It seems to me he is always needing my attention for something. He “needs some love” (his words) or wants me to read him a story. He will only eat breakfast if I am sitting with him.

I’ve been so concerned with getting him transitioned into big brother-hood, big boy beds, quitting the binky, and potty training (aka getting him to grow up a bit), that he has done so right beneath my nose. Where is my little toddler? He is gone and a little boy is in his place.

I feel like in most of my blog posts I write about the exciting new things Elias is trying, or the new day by day changes that are happening with Caleb since he is an infant. Simon is just….stuck in the middle.

But I love him so much and make sure to show that to him every day.

So what is going on with Simon? Since he turned 3 he has gotten to try one of the “big boy” rec classes. We signed up for basketball. The first time we went and he realized I was only going to sit on the bleachers and watch he cried. It only took about half the class time, though, for him to join in and have a blast. Ever since he has loved every minute of the class. Here he is learning to dribble:

20160428_102659Simon plays hard and crashes hard. Most days he resists a nap, but I eventually find him crashed in his bed with some sort of toy or book in his hand, like he just snapped into sleep while playing.

20160427_150414He is learning so many new things. In the photo below he was enjoying a float/sink experiment we did at home. He even wanted to keep a chart for the data just like big brother. (Excuse Elias’ hair…it was crazy hair day at school)

20160421_144150Simon gets dragged along to a lot of his older brothers activities. He is a die hard fan, though. I think he was more excited about his Reedville baseball hat than Elias was. We were thankful the team had a couple extras so Simon could sport one too.

20160430_140736So…Simon is stuck in the middle, but he is very much his own person too. Life would be so dull without him!

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