He Wants His Keys

Caleb is growing so fast I feel I need to write about him. I can’t wait until his six month post because by then I’ll probably have forgotten.

Food! Caleb wants to try solids. He is so interested in what we are doing during meal times, and he tries to grab it out of our hands. He’s got a few more weeks to go, though, because we are waiting until he is six months old.

20160501_080451Sitting! Caleb is far from sitting up on his own, but he loves to play sitting up these days. We support him, and he reaches for all of his toys which are laid out nicely in front of him. The world must be so different once one can sit up! I don’t have a picture of him playing, but this picture was too cute to pass up, and he is sitting in Simon’s chair.

20160426_182748Play Gym! Caleb loves his around-the-world play gym. Ours was stuck in the very back of our coat closet and neither Nathan or I had enough energy to dig it out. My parents have one, though, and after I saw how much fun he had in theirs I asked Nathan to do the honors. Caleb loves playing around in the gym, and his brothers love interacting with him when he sits/stands in it.

20160429_145215Finally, I have a video of Caleb playing with some keys. You get a random slice of our family life at the beginning when Elias asks Nathan if he can sniff his ear…as Nathan always says, “What’s it like having kids?” But the real purpose of the video is to see how much Caleb loves his keys, and how good he is getting at playing with them.

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