Caleb: 7 months

Caleb turned seven months old yesterday. I feel like a broken record, but time really is going by too fast. I have no idea how seven months have already passed! A lot has happened this month.

Caleb went with us on a family vacation to Florence, and then went to the beach again on a visit to Astoria with Grandpa. He also went on his first tent camping trip (just one night). He’s getting to be a well traveled and flexible baby! Here he is on our camping trip last weekend:


Caleb also got to meet new family members this month. Here he is with my cousin Renee:


He was also reunited with his own cousins and Grandpa for their second visit since his birth.

We started Caleb on solids at six months. After one month of experimenting with some fruits and vegetables I have to say we are moving slower than I’d like. He doesn’t swallow much food yet, but he seems to have enjoyed different tastes and textures so that is a good thing. So far he has tasted apples, oatmeal, carrots, peaches, sweet potato, peas, avocado, apricot, raspberries, and bananas. (Along with spinach pea mum mums).

Caleb is sitting up now. He is still known to plop over occasionally so we still stay pretty close or surround him with pillows and toys. He also is turning around on his tummy so we can surround him with toys all 360 degrees and he will have a lot of fun. He moves backward as well but so far not forward.

This month Caleb also got his first tooth. His little smile is changing every day! It’s been a big month for him, and there are lots more changes to come.

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