Cousins Time!

We’ve been lucky to have more cousin time. Auntie Erin, Audrey and Sonya arrived on Thursday along with Grandpa!

Caleb met his cousins in January but he doesn’t remember because he was only a few weeks old. He has been having fun watching them and playing with Auntie Erin who has been a very devoted Auntie the past few days.

20160623_195912Caleb enjoyed watching Sonya play.

20160624_125326We had to get the picture of Caleb and Auntie Erin while he was wearing the Auntie bib.


Elias and Simon are having a blast with their cousins as usual. This evening they snuggled up with Auntie for a story.


We’ve got many more fun times planned for the next week or so. We are always happy to visit with family.

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