Star Wars Night With the Hops

My mom gifted us a four game mini plan for the Hillsboro Hops last Christmas. We chose the “early plan” which had two games in June and a game on each of Nathan and my birthdays because Nathan’s family usually visits in August and we didn’t want it to conflict. Luck would have it that this year, they came to visit in June instead so it still conflicted, but it’s alright…it all worked out.

Anyway, tonight was one of the games on our mini plan, and with the boys having high fevers yesterday we were worried we might not be able to go. The fevers disappeared, though, and despite having somewhat sunken eyes and a bit of a cough, the boys really perked up in the late afternoon today. We decided to head to the hops game for as long as we could make it…one inning…four…seven…whatever we could get.

Tonight was Star Wars night with the Hops and the boys had a blast taking some pictures with some people they recognized. They’ve never watched the movies, but know many of the characters from books.

20160630_184236 20160630_185031 20160630_185127They boys had a blast and did not want to leave.

20160630_194735We forced them out of the ballpark, though, after 6 innings because it was already 9pm (2 hours past bedtime) and we want them to get some rest before hanging out with their cousins tomorrow!

The Hops games always provide a good family fun evening!

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