Too Much Testosterone

Being the only girl in a house with five people was bound to catch up to me eventually. I have three little boys and I wouldn’t have it any different. Little boys love their mamas and they are just so much fun.

But….I am beginning to feel all the testosterone floating around in the air. All the stuff that annoyed me about my brothers is starting to crop up now that I have a five and three year old. Constant wrestling. Wanting to talk about bodily functions. Fascination with peeing outside. Or peeing in the same toilet at the same time. Not wanting to wear clothes. Making everything…I mean everything….a weapon. Constant noise. Constant movement.

The list goes on and on. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I just wish I could have a nice quiet tea party with some dolls or stuffed animals. A nice quiet tea party without having to pretend any of the guests are “bad guys” or are eating each other’s babies. (Because that is what happens at tea parties at our house). Sometimes I just want nice imaginary tea and cookies thank you very much.

Exhibit A:

20160709_152136You may think this is the letter “Y.” But no. It is his bow. The arrows are imaginary. He cannot let it go even in sleep.

I find so much joy in my boys. I find joy in their play. Even in their fascination with peeing.

But man. I’m in desperate need of some girl time.

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  1. Linda says:

    I laughed out loud about your tea parties! I hope that you get some girl time soon. Let’s plan something!

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