Caleb – 8 Months Old

Caleb is 8 months old today. I know I sound like a broken record…but I just can’t believe it. He is growing so fast and passing milestones each week without much pomp and circumstance…he is a third born after all.

The biggest change this month has been Caleb’s mobility. He is not crawling yet, but he gets around well enough anyway. He can’t actually move forward, but he gets pretty far on scooting, rolling, and turning around and moving backward. For example, I set him down on the car rug only about a minute before this picture was taken:

20160706_083122Caleb also loves to play with toys, and makes a lot more messes than he used to!

20160708_173342Here he is making an attempt at crawling. Look at his focus! He goes up on all fours or does a plank and then eventually just plops back down on his stomach.

20160706_141930I’m thankful he is still moving slowly. I’ve been getting us re-childproofed bit by bit, but there is still a lot to do!

Caleb now has four teeth. There are two almost completely in, and two that just broke through a couple of days ago. He also has at least two more that are really close to breaking through. He’ll have a mouthful of chompers before we know it. Caleb is finally starting to make progress with solids. He does well with purees now and is just starting to be able to feed himself little chunks. Today he fed himself blueberry pieces and sweet potato “puffs” while I spoon fed him peaches for lunch. At the end I always let him try to feed himself with the spoon. It’s still pretty messy.

20160725_133851This little dude is really starting to show us some of his personality. As a third born, he is loud and proud. He has no problem letting his needs be known. I think he just likes to hear himself “talk” too. If a toy gets taken away from him, I’ve seen him get it back from both his brothers and other kids who don’t know it as well. He’s normally a very happy guy and I just love looking into these little eyes.

20160706_132117Caleb has to be flexible. He gets carried around napping in the car seat while his older brothers get dropped off for camps and play dates.

20160706_093647With Simon and Elias I just stayed home so that they could nap. Caleb doesn’t have that luxury. It’s probably time for him to move out of the bucket seat into a larger car seat, but I can’t bear to take away the car seat naps yet so it’ll just have to do for a bit longer.

Look at those cheeks, though! He’s my big 8 month old boy!

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