Hagg Lake 2016

Each year we try to get in at least one trip to Hagg lake with my parents and their boat. It is a lot of fun to get out on the lake and even go tubing! Elias remembered from last year and was very excited. Simon was very nervous. This morning he was starting to say he was scared. Elias tried to help, but was actually doing the opposite by saying things like, “Don’t worry Simon. If you fall out you can just ask a stranger and they will help you find our boat.”

Oh boy. That kid has a few things to learn.

But we make our trips to the lake as safe as can be. No falling out!

We were hoping for a really warm day. Perhaps 90 degrees. Then the lake water feels very refreshing. When we got there, it was in the low 70’s and it was very cloudy. We call it arctic tubing as a family joke. (It’s actually quite pleasant until you get splashed)

20160723_121558Then we had a picnic lunch and it cleared up nicely. Simon was still pretty scared when we were first on the boat and cried unless he sat on my lap. Lunch loosened him up, though, and he agreed to ride on the tube if it went slowly and he sat on my lap. Eventually he decided to sit on his own if I held his hand, and then started asking when it was going to go faster. By the end he was having a blast laughing and riding along like a pro.

20160723_134705Caleb stayed in the boat. He did not like his life jacket. We left the top part unbuckled for him. I know it has a good purpose, but I swear they are trying to choke these babies. We decided since he can’t move on his own it would be ok.

20160723_144759Each of the boys got to have a turn “driving” the boat.

20160723_145004And we all had fun just relaxing as well.

20160723_144750Thanks Ama and Baba for the fun day!

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