Lazy Summer Days

We’re were lucky to enjoy a few lazy summer days in between having family visits and camps starting next week.

I decided not to work this summer, and instead stay home with the boys. That is a whole different post, but for the most part I have been very thankful for the extra time at home. I’ve never had a “real” summer break with my kids, and while many days are still busy, it’s fun to have a few sprinkled in there where they can just stay in their pajamas until dinner time.

My birthday last week was one of those nice lazy summer days. To say “lazy” isn’t really correct because days are never lazy for me. Being at home with three boys is action packed even when they are in their pajamas. But we got to be home a lot of the day just playing in the backyard and imagining things like little kids are supposed to do.

Actually…I took the boys to Costco because we really needed some milk. Caleb got to sit in the cart for the first time ever. You can tell my kids are really happy to be grocery shopping with me on my birthday.

20160706_102326When we got home, though, we got to play in the backyard for a long time. Elias has been teaching himself to climb our trees, and he is getting pretty good.

20160706_130321Simon performed with the bubbles for his baby brother.

20160706_130206I sat out in the sun watching my boys just so happy to be alive and in that moment. It was a wonderful birthday gift.

Later in the evening we went to Red Robin so I didn’t have to cook dinner. Then we went to a Hops game with my parents. The game was moving super slow and the boys did get a little bored for a bit, but they still had a lot of fun and didn’t want to leave when we forced them out the gate.

20160706_200834Nathan says I’m 20 in hexidecimal now. (That means I’m 32). I think the good years are just starting.


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