Caleb – 10 Months

Caleb turned 10 months old yesterday. Another month gone. Some of it in memory, some into oblivion. I am feeling emotional that my baby is almost not a baby anymore. Nathan wants to be done with the baby phase of our lives. I am holding on tightly to these wonderful days. Yes, I do look forward to the days when I don’t have to get up at 4am with the baby anymore, but there is so much more good than difficult and I am enjoying Caleb’s babyhood so much.

This month Caleb really came into his own as my little trouble maker. He is getting into everything! He loves toilet paper.

20160912_073656He plays with it. Rips it up. Eats it. Drags it around. We have to keep all the bathroom doors closed at all times these days. If one of the older boys leaves it open, he immediately crawls in. When I close him out again, he gives me a disgusted look, and then I can almost physically see the light come on in his head….he crawls straight for the cat food.

On Saturday, Nathan was out of town and the older two boys were hanging out with my parents. It was just Caleb and I for 24 hours or so. I was trying to get a lot of baking done for an event, and Caleb would sit in the kitchen until he knew he had my attention. Then he crawled for the cat food laughing and laughing.

Caleb is an expert mover these days when it comes to crawling. He is trying to pull himself up on everything, but can’t quite get to standing on his own. If I stand him up, though, he can support himself. He likes standing up and watching his brothers at their swimming lessons.

20160919_165502He looks so grown up when he is standing up like this.

This has been a really hard month for us with Elias and Simon starting school. Elias’ kindergarten pick up falls right in the middle of nap time, and trying to adjust Caleb to a new nap time has not been successful. He often ends up asleep in the car, but since we moved him out of the bucket seat, I can no longer just bring the car seat inside. He often wakes up when I try to extract him.

20160920_132041When I do manage to get Caleb a nap, I almost always have to wake him up. Today he got a nap in and I had to wake him up in order to get to Simon’s soccer class. Then after lunch he took another nap, but I had to wake him up to go pick up Elias. I just hate waking this peaceful little guy.

20160920_141318First world problems, I know. I do have some perspective. But that doesn’t make it any easier. I’m sure we’ll get into a new routine eventually.

As far as eating goes, Caleb just loves feeding himself. He wants to be a big boy. A few nights ago he managed to grab one of Elias’ discarded pizza crusts and was happily chewing on it. You would think he had won the lottery. Caleb loves feeding himself, but he’s not very good at it. Most of the food ends up in the pocket of his bib, so we still feed him purees…only after he is done feeding himself.

Most of all Caleb just loves being together. He loves playing with his brothers. He loves “helping” me. He enjoyed our family outing to the Hoyt Arboretum. Thankfully, he is mostly happy in the stroller or ergo.

20160925_151653Caleb is so joy-filled. He is one of the best reminders for me during the day to just be thankful and happy.


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