The Swifts

Each season we like to create a Smith Family Bucket List. Sometimes I make an official list that is somehow displayed in our home. Sometimes I just scribble down some ideas in a journal. The bucket lists are ways that we make sure to get out and try new things, spend time together as a family, and just plain have some fun. Some of the things on our bucket list are on there every year, and are things we would probably do anyway. Go to a pumpkin patch is a must. Others are things that I really want to do, but having them on the bucket list makes it easier to be intentional about it such as baking a pie together or going on a hike in the arboretum. Each season we also try to have at least one new thing. Something we’ve never done before. This year one of our new bucket list items was to see the Vaux Swifts at Chapman School in Portland.

Each September, thousands of swifts roost in the chimney at Chapman school. They spend the day eating insects and getting ready for their migration. At sundown, they create quite a spectacular sight as they enter the chimney a few at a time.

image_largeSince September is drawing to a close, we decided to take advantage of our one available night this week. We popped some popcorn, threw the camping chairs in the back of the van, and headed out for a drive.

We were really glad that we went. It really was a spectacular sight. The boys watched through binoculars and with bare eyes and also exclaimed how cool it was.

20160927_190158 20160927_184047Caleb, not to be left out of anything, got to try his first popcorn. We made sure it had no pieces of kernel so he wouldn’t choke. He was quite excited.

20160927_184328Another item checked off of our 2016 fall bucket list, but more importantly, time spent doing something new together.

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  1. Linda says:

    This is really cool! I’ve never heard of the swifts but I’m glad that you got to see them!

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