Kindergarten, Here We Come!

Elias will begin his public school journey one week from today with his first day of Kindergarten. He’ll be attending Imlay Elementary, our neighborhood school.

Earlier this evening we went to Imlay for an ice cream social. We got to drop off his school supplies, meet his teacher, and see his classroom. He couldn’t have been more excited or proud, and he asked all day if it was time to go yet.

20160901_172215Being a former teacher myself, I have a lot of faith in the public school system, but sending my firstborn off to school for the first time is no easy task. After meeting the kindergarten teachers, music teacher, speech language pathologist, and a few other staff I couldn’t be more thrilled. My boy will be in good hands.

As much as I am excited for Elias and all the fun and learning that is in store for him, I also worry. I’m a mom. It’s what I do. He’ll have a whole life out there where I can’t insulate him from the hurts of the world. Where I can’t watch over him. There is so much good out there for him to experience, and a lot of bad as well. I want to push him out the door and hold his hand at the same time. It’s all so confusing.

Yesterday when we were at his kindergarten conference, Nathan and I had to fill out some forms while the three teachers talked with Elias. While filling out the form about our family and Elias’ strengths and weaknesses, I was trying to discuss with Nathan what to write down, and he basically told me to relax and to stop being such a high maintenance parent. Ugh. I guess we balance each other out nicely.

This evening after meeting his teacher, as Elias ate his ice cream and walked with me around the playground, he said to me, “I’m ready for kindergarten!” Knowing that he feels confident makes me feel better than probably anything else could. Go gettum’ Elias!


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  1. Linda says:

    It’s so exciting for you and Elias! I still remember vividly your first kindergarten day at Rock Creek. It’s a huge transition for everyone and the start of a whole new world for Elias!

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