The First Day

Today was a big day for both Elias and Simon. Elias had his first day of Kindergarten, and Simon had his preschool open house where he got to see his classroom and meet his teacher. (His first day will be Tuesday).

We had everything ready last night with outfits set out and lunches packed so the morning went really smoothly. I got some pictures of my big boys out in the front yard. They were both very excited for the day.

20160908_074701 20160908_074740Then we headed off for Imlay. We had to wait in the gym for a few minutes before we were dismissed for the classrooms. Did he have a little excited/nervous energy, you think?

20160908_080230We made it to the classroom and followed a short list of morning jobs. Then he got to look at books until school started. He decided to read a Pete the Cat book to his brother.

20160908_081345Elias on his first day of kindergarten with his teacher.

20160908_082257A few minutes after school started we were ever so subtly kicked out. I mean… invited to attend coffee with the principal in the cafeteria. It was just as well because we had to get to Simon’s open house.

Simon will be attending two days a week for 3’s at Prince of Peace. He was very excited to find his very own coat hook.

20160908_090123He completed a scavenger hunt around his classroom, which ended with some playing. He wanted to read a book, and then settled on the construction vehicles.

20160908_093021Simon kept saying things like, “That used to be Eli’s playground, but now it’s my playground!” It was very cute!

After the open house we came home and got a chance to see what our new routine will be like. For years the boys have had nap time/quiet time in the afternoon. Now we will have to get in the car or on the bike and go pick up Elias from school right in the middle of that. Today it went alright, but I’m not sure what is going to happen long term. Eventually we’ll settle into a routine.

Our house seemed so quiet without Elias. I did get a lot of one on one time with Simon, though, so I’ll be looking forward to that!

Finally, we went to pick up Elias from his first day. He was smiling pretty big when he came out the school doors so I think it was a success!


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