Happy Halloween 2016!

We’ve had more than enough Halloween fun over the last three days here in the Smith Household. The fun started on Saturday evening, and continued all the way through tonight.

On Saturday, we dressed up in costume and headed to a friend of Nathan’s. We don’t do family themed costumes like some. We had a lumberjack, a tiger, a pirate, and a knight.

20161029_174418 Pumpkin carving was a part of this party. The boys excitedly picked out their pumpkins, and got right into digging out the guts.

20161029_175518Right about this point, Caleb stuck his finger halfway to my brain through the eyeball. It was a super bad eye poke! He didn’t do it on purpose, of course. We were just playing while the boys carved. I pretty much couldn’t open my eye for the rest of the evening. I went to bed early since I couldn’t open my eye anyway, so the longest night of sleep I’ve gotten in years was my hidden reward. Sunday I could open my eye, but it was pretty blurry. It is still not completely back to normal, but I’m happy to say that I don’t think any permanent damage is done.

Anyway, back to our Halloween festivities! I didn’t manage a picture of both the boys with their pumpkins because of my eye, but I did manage this one:

20161029_181826Sunday we had a second Halloween party at church. The boys loved cookie decorating, playing with friends, bingo, and many other activities. Elias won the mummy wrap contest and got the first bingo so he was a pretty lucky boy!

20161030_180704 20161030_181009Today, on Halloween, I was able to help out in Elias’ classroom for his Halloween party. When Nathan got home from work we celebrated All Hallow’s Read. If you don’t know about this, it was started by Neil Gaiman, and is basically another excuse to give books to your children.

It was Caleb’s first All Hallow’s Read. He was more excited by the wrapping paper than the book inside. It’s ok.

20161031_165005I got Simon a Jake Pirate Halloween Adventure Story, and I got Elias a book called “Little Goblins Ten” which he promptly read to us all using the sing songy rhyme that went with it. It was a fun and proud moment for me.

20161031_165451After dinner, we got dressed up in costumes one more time! The boys were super excited to go trick-or-treating. This year we were lucky to have Grandpa with us, and Ama and Baba also came and met us in the neighborhood to watch the boys get some candy.

20161031_181354 20161031_181429I think we were out for about 90 minutes total. After about 70, Simon was completely done, but Elias wanted to do a few more houses. After about 80 minutes I had to call Nathan to rescue us with the stroller because all three of the boys were toast. They livened right up, though, when we got home and it was time to sort through the candy.

20161031_195045And tasting it is the best part! They each got to choose two pieces tonight.

20161031_200053Happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. Linda says:

    Such fun tonight! I’m so sorry about your eye poke. That sure brings back memories of my “corneal abrasion” courtesy of Scott when he was just a few months younger than Caleb is now. That was so painful that I still cringe when I think about it. I hope your eye feels better soon!

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