Leaf Jumpers

The boys have been asking to rake and jump in a leaf pile in our front yard for about a month now. The opportunity never presented itself until this afternoon. (It’s a good thing too because we were really in need of raking!)

After church it was sunny and beautiful out so I told the boys that after we ate lunch if it wasn’t raining we could go out to make a leaf pile. That got their bums in gear!

We got outside and I raked them a big ol’ pile of leaves. First they jumped.

20161106_142848 20161106_142857After a lot of jumps, I decided to let Caleb out of his restraints (the stroller). He was pretty chill just watching, but I wanted to let him have some fun too. Caleb just loved the leaves. He got absolutely filthy, but I knew that going into it, right?

I took the opportunity when all three boys were sitting together in the leaf pile to snap some cute pictures.

20161106_1411430 20161106_141206 20161106_141223 20161106_141314Caleb looks a little serious in the photos, but I think he was just so excited that I was letting him touch them. It was very cute how he held up each one to show us. He also giggled a lot when leaves “rained” down on him and got stuck on his head.

After the leaf throwing, I made the boys help me rake the leaves back into a pile.

20161106_141543 20161106_141620 20161106_142102We ended up staying outside for over two hours. What a nice surprise on this beautiful fall day!

20161106_140451 20161106_141505 20161106_141425 I didn’t get a solo pic of Simon, but it’s not because he’s the poor neglected middle child. I tried and tried, but it was just too bright. He couldn’t open his eyes, and his facial expressions were so funny, but I won’t post them here in case he gets embarrassed some day.

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  1. janet says:

    What lucky boys to have a mom (and dad) who understands that sometimes a boy (or girl) just needs to get dirty — they all wash up in the end! Leaf piles are the best.

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