More Family Pics

This morning we went in to get some family portraits taken. It had been a year (since Caleb was born) since we last got formal pictures taken. Nathan has been gone a lot over the last couple of weeks so when we finally had a fully free day I scheduled some portraits. We were a little wary of going into a studio around Christmas card time, but the timing was right with Caleb turning 1 so we got a few of him and the boys too.

We ordered many prints, but I like to put them on the blog in low-res so that we can see even some that we didn’t order if we want to in the future.


The Smith Fam:

fam-1 fam-2 fam-3 fam-4The boys:

boys-2 boys-3 boys-4 boys-1One of my favorites – Daddy and the boys:

dadMommy with the boys:




simonCaleb turns 1:

caleb-3 caleb-2 caleb-1JC Penney Portraits was great as always. Now Caleb is napping and the boys are at a birthday party. I’ve actually got a few minutes to myself before the family fun begins again this afternoon!


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