A Happy Fathers Day

Nathan is one of the best dads I know.  Our boys are super lucky to claim him as theirs. Today we started out by showering Nathan with gifts. I had let each of the boys pick out a shirt for their Daddy along with a gift card to a restaurant. Elias went with a green stripe, Simon went with a nice plaid, and Caleb got a plain black. Each of the boys also made Nathan a card.

After a nice morning together, we went to church. Somehow, we made it with plenty of time to spare. No rushing out the door. It was nice to finally have a relaxed time! I took a picture of my boys at the coffee hour after the service. I took about fifteen pictures. Someone is always moving or making a silly face or closing their eyes. It’s difficult to get everyone looking good. This was the best I could get:

After church we came home for some rest. When Caleb woke up from his nap, we packed our bags for our best Fathers Day tradition: swimming! Nathan chose his own fathers day tradition when Elias was a baby. We’ve gone swimming on Fathers day every year since! We headed to the Conestoga pool. Again, I attempted a fun picture of the boys with their dad. Here is the before swimming pic:

We splashed around and went down the slide. It was different this year because Elias is more of an independent swimmer. In a few years they’ll all be going off the diving board.

After dinner we went out to Red Robin, and then came home. Elias promptly attempted to confince Nathan that playing Minecraft together was a good idea for Fathers Day. Nathan rewarded him for his rhetorical skills and the older boys played together for a bit.

What a fun day!


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