The Last Day

And just like that….

he’ll never spend another day in kindergarten.

It sounds so dramatic, and I know he is still so young, but days like today make me feel like he is growing up so fast. I feel like time is just passing me by…like the “People Movers” ride at Disneyland. The belt with the little cars just keeps moving. Your only choice is to hop on and enjoy the ride whether you are ready to move on or not.

We certainly enjoyed our kindergarten “ride.” Both Elias and I were thrilled with his kindergarten experience at Imlay. We are ready to enjoy our summer, but can’t wait to see what is in store for him next year.

Congratulations, Elias, on being a kindergarten graduate!

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3 Responses to The Last Day

  1. janet says:

    Kimberly and Nate, You have so much to be proud of in Elias. He has grown amazingly this last year. He is confident, able and willing to talk to adults, and willing to try new things! I remember when he was so very shy………
    All your boys are very dear to a lot of adults at St. Bart’s who treasure our chance to watch them grow.

  2. Jeff says:

    Baba is so proud of you Elias. Congratulations on graduating from kindergarten.

  3. Linda says:

    Elias is doing so well in school and loves to learn! I can’t believe that he will be in first grade soon. The time does fly by faster each year!

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