Simon’s 5th Birthday

Simon turned five last week. For some reason, five just seems so much older than four. Five is the age he’ll be when he starts kindergarten so maybe that’s it. Or maybe it’s that at five they start to become so much more independent with tying shoes, learning to read, etc. I still can’t believe he really is five.

Simon had already gotten a pre-birthday celebration the weekend before his birthday. Every February my side of the family has a big celebration for Simon, Baba, and cousin James, who all have birthdays within a week of each other. We ate dinner, and went back to Ama and Baba’s for some dessert.

On the morning of his birthday, Simon woke up happy. We had left five balloons downstairs for him to find, and he happily played with one while sitting on the heater to warm up a bit. I snapped the first picture of him at five.

At school, Simon got to bring snack and be the friend of the day. He brought show and tell and got to be the line leader. He also got a birthday crown and sticker. When he got home from school, we ate lunch and then I let him eat a birthday cupcake.

Simon’s birthday happened to be one of Elias’ regular play date days so after picking up Elias and his friend from school, the boys all rode bikes in the sun. Simon enjoyed playing with the big boys.

This year, Simon’s birthday happened to fall on shrove Tuesday. We went to church for a big pancake supper. Simon loved the pancakes and said he could eat 1000 of them. He doused them in syrup and stopped after three.

I offered to take the boys to Menchie’s after the supper for a birthday treat, but Simon wanted to get home and open his presents before bedtime. I was surprised he refused the frozen yogurt, but was just as happy to go straight home. We got Simon a robot toy, a scooter, and a dot-to-dot pad. Elias got him a watch. He was thrilled.

This week we had his 5 year well check, and he seems to be a healthy boy! Happy birthday, Simon!

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  1. Linda says:

    I can’t believe Simon is 5 years old either! He’s growing up so fast. Maybe 5 seems so old because we all start to have more memories from age 5 and up. We love him so much and are so happy that he’s growing up so healthy and happy!

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