We had a bit of snow yesterday. When I say a bit, I really do mean a bit. I didn’t think we’d actually go outside and “play” in it. There just wasn’t enough. But the kids remember last year when we had tons of the stuff, and they wanted to play. Even though there wasn’t much on the ground, there were huge white flakes falling heavily from the sky and it just looked so inviting. I spent the 20 minutes getting everyone (including myself) suited up for the snow. Then we headed outside.

I endured about 7 minutes of scenes like this:

That’s right. They basically only wanted to throw snowballs at me. After seven minutes they wanted to go inside. Seven minutes! It took us longer than that to get ready. I forced them to play for longer and enjoy it while they could.

Needless to say it was a bit disappointing for them. But when it snows so rarely, you’ve just got to get outside and touch it for a bit when it comes, right? We still plan to try to get up to the mountain sometime this winter so that they can do some real snow play. First we need to all be healthy!

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