Merry Christmas 2018!

Merry Christmas from the Smithfam!

It’s been a really long time since I wrote on the blog. I could make some excuses like I’ve been busy (I have), or that there are other interests and hobbies that took up my time (there were), but honestly I just lost interest in writing for a year or so. However, I’ve really been missing being able to look back over my posts, and I’ve had a few family members who live out of town comment on missing them as well. When I look back at the last posts, I can’t believe how young the kids look, and I can’t help but wonder what has faded from my memory since I didn’t write it down. Many times over the last two or three months I’ve wanted to get started again, but just didn’t. Then, Nathan got me a camera for Christmas so that I don’t have to just take pictures with my phone, and the nicer pictures inspired me to get started again.

This year in Elias’ class at school, they wrote a mini book about our family’s Christmas traditions. He wrote about some of the decorations we put up and some of the foods we eat. He also included that Nathan always puts fruit in my stocking, and I thought it was funny he thought it important enough to include in his book. Then again, our children always notice more than we give them credit for, and this was just another reminder of that. On the last page of the book Elias said his favorite part of Christmas is going to visit family because we get to be together. If that doesn’t melt your heart nothing will!

This year we got to have a lot of different celebrations with family. Nana left for Spokane before Christmas, so we celebrated with her weeks ago! Then a couple of days before Christmas, Grandpa came to stay with us for a few days so that we could spend some quality time together. Our church Christmas pageant was moved to the Sunday before Christmas so that left us with a lot of family time for just the five of us on Christmas eve! We made a spaghetti dinner and lit the advent candles.

Elias after he got to blow out the advent candles on Christmas eve.

Our trusty advent wreath made before the kids were born from a kit Nana gave us.

On Christmas morning we opened our stockings. Afterward, the enjoyed the new Dogman book Simon received.

Then we went over to my parents’ house to enjoy time with cousins and more. The kids enjoyed snacks first when we got there…even before presents!

This year the boys had a gift to give to everyone. Elias sewed pillowcases for everyone (with some help from mom), Simon made stained glass ornaments, and Caleb painted wooden ornaments. They were excited to give the gifts, but understandably, wanted me to do all the work of wrapping.

Even though the “big day” is over, Christmas goes on for more than another week until Epiphany. I’m trying this year to bring the joy of the incarnation into the boys’ lives throughout the Christmas season so that it is what lasts. I don’t know if we’ll actually leave the tree and other decorations up through Epiphany…but it’s nice to look at it while it’s here.

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  1. janet says:

    We used to stretch the season by giving the boys a very small toy and a few chocolate coins in their shoe on the morning of Dec 6 (St Nicholas) then having Christmas and ending with another small toy (again in a shoe left out) on the morning of Jan 6 which the Magi just happened to leave as they passed through. Actually worked pretty well — Jon accepts as “normal” Christmas celebrations that might not happen until the end of the season. Takes Soooooo much pressure off! Hurrah and Alleluia for the liturgical year! (One year I mailed a few “Epiphany presents” on Shrove Tuesday and considered that I just squeaked by — that was a REALLY busy year.)

    So glad to see your blog again. I really appreciate your sharing your adventures.

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