This Is Better Than Any Treat

The sun this evening brought the Smith Fam some excellent family fun. One of the boys’ favorite things to do is go to a nearby elementary school and practice baseball. The school has six or so ball fields and some nice playgrounds. We like to go and have the boys practice batting and fielding, and with Elias who is developmentally ready, we are really perfecting the art of playing catch.

After school, I let the boys play for 45 minutes or so in the sun. Caleb got to try some new skills…such as hanging and holding his own body weight.

The older two were playing some sort of imaginary pirate game. I just missed a moment where they were walking out in the field with their arms around each other. This one is pretty cute too:

I’ll look back at that picture and remember how much fun they had playing together the next time I am annoyed by their arguing.

After the playground, we were off to piano lessons, and home for dinner. Then finally it was time to go play baseball! It was such a perfect night and the boys had a blast. I only got pictures of Caleb because when they other boys are batting I am too busy in the field. Caleb is getting the hang of hitting. Start ’em early!

Fielding was fun too. I got to play first base!

After we were done on the fields, we let the boys play on the playground for a bit. When I gave them a five minute warning, I told the boys that when we got home I had a treat for them, then it would be time for baths and bed. They were all swinging and yelling about how fun and amazing everything was. Then Elias shouted, “This is better than any treat! This is the treat!”

If my evening wasn’t good enough already, that certainly made it!

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