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Simon – 4 Years Old

Simon turned four years old today. We celebrated a bit with family over the weekend, and again today¬† with just the five of us on his big day. Over the weekend we had a big February birthday bash with all … Continue reading

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Reaching Milestones and New Heights

We recently logged a nearly perfect weekend in the books. I think my happy feelings towards it partly come from the fact that it was definitely a spring weather weekend with beautiful blue skies, sun on our backs, and cool, … Continue reading

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Caleb – 14 Months

Caleb is 14 months old today. How time flies! The last blog update I wrote for Caleb was at his first birthday. In the last two months I really feel the changes. He is not a baby anymore, but a … Continue reading

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Bartle Family Beach Weekend

My brother (Uncle Greg) and his wife (Auntie Shaina) came to visit over the long weekend. We were eagerly anticipating their arrival since we hadn’t seen them since their wedding almost two years ago.¬† I was worried the weekend would … Continue reading

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Geocaching Fun

I’ve wanted to try geocaching for a few years now, but we were waiting until the boys were a little bit older. We finally tried it out a couple of weekends ago, and we loved it! We found our first … Continue reading

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Snow, Snow, and More Snow

The boys don’t know how lucky they are this winter with so many snow days. They don’t remember that last winter we didn’t get any good snows. After tomorrow they’ll have had eight snow days off of school, and currently … Continue reading

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Winter Break 2016

Well winter break past weeks ago, but it sure feels like it is still here! Elias will have had one day of school this week out of five due to snow days! Our winter break 2016 was just perfect. Traveling … Continue reading

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The Whole Fam!

This is why we needed a bigger couch…so the whole family could fit! Uncle Greg and Auntie Shaina are visiting this weekend from Ohio. This evening we all gathered at our house for tasty ribs and good company. We are … Continue reading

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Advent 2016

As I sat and contemplated how I wanted our family’s advent observances to look back in November, one word kept coming up in my mind: counter-cultural. Everything I want to teach and experience with the boys during advent and Christmas … Continue reading

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Early Christmas With Nana

Nana is going to Spokane for Christmas this year, so she asked us to celebrate with her early. The 17th was our day! Nana came over early so that Nathan and I could go to our bell choir rehearsal. Then … Continue reading

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