Notes from the field

It has been a fun week and weekend, and here are my notes:

  • I have been nicknaming each progression of Elias’ walking. He has now moved from “Cap’n Jack Sparrow” into his “E.T.” phase.
  • This evening Kimberly was laying on the floor on her stomach talking on the phone. Elias crawled up on her back, straddled her, and started bouncing up and down. It looked like he was riding a horse at full gallop!
  • Tying a Christmas tree to the roof of our 2009 Toyota Corolla using only twine works every time (3/3 so far).
  • Today during church Elias wandered out of the pew, went into another pew, and proceeded to give the occupant a hug. How good and pleasant . . .
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  1. janet Roth says:

    And the hugged pew occupant appreciated the hug mightily! Thanks, Elias!

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