We’ve reached the top!

“Hike to the top of Multnomah falls” was a Spring Bucket List item which we unfortunately never got around to completing, so we forwarded it to the Summer list. I am pleased to report that we have succeeded in reaching the top of the falls today.

We did not get a super-early start, but we did make it to the falls in time to get a decent parking spot. By the time we left after noon, the line of cars waiting for spots was starting to back up to the freeway off-ramp. The nice thing about a morning hike up Multnomah Falls is that the bluff shields you while the sun is coming up. So we escaped directly sunlight for most of the hike. Which was good, because even in the relatively-cool morning air I (Nathan) got really sweaty.

Elias made the trip up and down in the kid backpack. He did great, though it made dad a bit tired and sore. After making it up to the falls and taking in the view, Elias did a bit of hiking on his own (always holding hands with mommy or daddy).

Once we got down to the bottom, we enjoyed our picnic launch, bought a bit of fudge and an Americano, and headed home. Fun morning!

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